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Why you need a website review

If you don’t carry out regular SEO chances are your website is leaking revenue

Our FREE website review provides you with a short walk-through video (up to 15 minutes) of your own website, with a helpful running commentary from one of our in-house team.
We’ll point out any areas that need urgent attention, along with general recommendations on how to make some short term wins and start recovering lost revenue from your website!

The Review Process

Some of the things we examine during the video review of your website

This is not an exhaustive list, however these are the major elements we take into account when reviewing your website. We’ll generally prioritise the issues that are causing the biggest problems to your online visibility.

coding conventions
  • Structure & Code

We examine the general structure of your website design to check for any hidden issues that could  be preventing your website from ranking well in search.

original, informative
  • website Content

The content on your web pages is critically important if your website is to be successful. We’ll highlight any problem pages and explain why they need attention.

multi device responsive
  • Mobile compatibility

A mobile friendly website is essential to gain maximum exposure for your website. We’ll check that your website is compatible across multiple devices, and complies with Google Mobile Friendly Tests.

end user interaction
  • User Experience

We look at how easily visitors are able to logically find their way around your website to reach a call to action, enabling a sale or sales lead enquiry.

who's linking to you?
  • Backlink Auditing

As well as checking how many backlinks your website has, we’ll check to see if any of them are “toxic”, and actually harming the position of your website in search.

GDPR, cookies & SSL
  • Compliance Check

We look to see that your website caters for GDPR & Cookies legislation. We also check that it features an SSL certificate for optimal security & protection.

Is the Website review really free?

YES! You can take it away with our compliments and apply the recommended changes yourself, or give it to your own website marketing company.

If however you would like to work with us further to help you improve the profitability of your website, we would be delighted to discuss this with you once you’ve examined our recommendations, but it really is entirely up to you!

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