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Why do you need an SEO Company?

Hiring a digital marketing company is a big step, requiring a strategic approach combined with a positive commitment to the process.

If you’re not satisfied with the contribution your website makes to your business, we can help to pinpoint areas that require attention and put together a strategy to recover your online visibility through search engine optimisation.

Typical Search Problems

  • low website traffic

If your website has consistently low traffic, we can help you to identify areas that are stopping you achieving higher rankings, and recommend a strategy to recover.

  • drop in search engine rankings

If your website is no longer ranking as highly as it used to in search, something has changed.  

A website review will highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

  • Low Online Sales Conversion Rate

A poor user experience or website design can result in lower conversion rates. 

We’ll help to identify pages that leave visitors at a dead end or where calls to action could be improved.

Get a FREE website review

Our FREE, no obligation website review provides you with a 15 minute walkthrough video of your website, highlighting areas that are preventing your website from ranking in search.

Common digital marketing Questions

No. We prefer our work to speak for itself via the results we can achieve for you, so we like to think you will be happy with what we do  and continue to work with us!

It’s difficult to tell until we have the opportunity to review your website. Once we have a clear picture of the status of your website and investigate your market, we’ll be able to give you a better idea.

However, while we can often obtain some short term wins, generally it takes several months to begin to establish your website properly, so expect to invest some time to reach your goals.

Well written, unique content that is relevant to your market and useful to people demonstrates that you are an authority in your field, which is something that Google looks for.

Combined with a proper keyword strategy and link building, there’s no reason why your website shouldn’t enjoy better visibility with great content.

Bear in mind this is just one of many elements you need to get right to make a serious impact to your online visibility.

We recommend that you join social networks that are relevant to your target market. 

Also, don’t over commit yourself, make sure you only subscribe to networks you can maintain an active presence on.

There are never any guarantees with search engine optimisation due to the high number of ranking factors and the constantly changing nature of competing websites. Every market is different, and it’s impossible to make a general statement regarding what we can do for our clients.

Be very wary of any company that makes any claims relating to specific ranking guarantees. 

Order our FREE website review and we’ll give you some indication of the likely work required to compete for a page 1 Google listing.

This very much depends on the market you are in, your competition and how well  your website is already optimised, along with a number of other factors. 

Generally we’d expect to start seeing some positive traction for your website within 3-6 months, but if there are some short term wins we can achieve sometimes it can be quicker. 

Order our FREE Website Review and we’ll give you an indication of what you might expect from your particular website.

We’ll provide you with a monthly report, written in plain English, explaining what we have done each month, along with some supporting statistics illustrating how that month compares to previous months performance.

For SEO work, we take payment via monthly Direct Debit. This keeps everything professional & consistent for both sides and avoids any awkward situations.

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